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GPS locator, SOS call + gift worth 24 €

Pan Gažda: I bought the BodyGuard D45 because I'm still active, but I'm old and I like to go to nature alone, play sports, etc. So if something happens to me I have at least a quick opportunity to let myself know by pressing the SOS button on the BodyGuard watch. Or sons can see where I am right through the app. And the battery lasts for a few days in normal use, so better than a classic smartphone.

Gift worth 24 €
Fall detector

SOS bracelet with GPS

SOS bracelet connected to our BodyGuard application.

€ 93.00
Fall detector
Gift worth 24 €
Accurate 4G network

BodyGuard Y6T - 4G

FOR SENIORS. Possibility of accurate 4G network. Waterproof (IP67). Simple functions. Longer battery life. No display. All you need is an emergency button on your hand with the possibility of two-way calling and locating the bracelet? Y6T is here for you. Click on the image for more information.

137.00 €
€ 117.00