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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our BodyGuard GPS watches and wristbands, and of course we are happy to answer any other questions as well. By email, phone, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger :) As you wish. The BodyID team is here for you.

QA about the BodyGuard device

You don't need The BodyGuard GPS device is literally a standalone mobile phone on your hand, it just looks like a watch or bracelet.

The senior only wears the device and does not need to know how to operate it, he only presses the SOS button in case of emergency, for example. The device is set up remotely using a free application, which is of course also in Czech.

Since it is a separate mobile device, a SIM card must be purchased for it. The choice of operator is up to you.

SOS call - by pressing one button, the device calls up to three SOS contacts one after the other.

Fall detection - the function can be turned on or off. After turning on this function, the device automatically calls SOS contacts after an impact. Impact (or fall) sensitivity can be adjusted.

Remote wiretapping - from the application, a command can be sent to the device to call back the specified phone. The senior does not know that the device is calling. The recipient can hear the senior or sounds around the bracelet, the senior recipient cannot hear.

Remote photo - only works on devices with a display. From the application, you can send a command to the device to take a picture of the bracelet's surroundings. This feature is very useful in addition to fall detection. During the day, you can take a few photos from a distance and find out that the surroundings are changing (rooms, etc.), i.e. the senior is moving and is fine.

Prohibition of calling foreign numbers - in the application you can create a phone book that will serve as a list of numbers that will be the only ones to call the device. Other calls will be blocked and the senior will not be disturbed by unsolicited marketing calls etc. and will not drain the device's battery unnecessarily.

Auto answer - you can set the call to automatically pick up after a few rings. So the wearer of the device does not have to actively answer the incoming call and you can start talking to them and start two-way communication.

Take advantage of our FREE PROMOTION and add a free label to your GPS device with your own text, health profile or image or a combination of all :) In the Order Notes, which you can find in the last step of the order, put the specific text that you want to laser mark on the label. Alternatively, add the information that you wish to add a health profile or picture. If you can't make it and send the order, it doesn't matter. Just send us an email and we will incorporate the request into your order.

You can find the procedure in the SETTINGS tab on your device's website.
Don't forget to test your new SIM card in your mobile phone first. Try the Internet with Wi-Fi turned off (that is, data is working), make a call from the SIM card and send an SMS. And don't forget to cancel the PIN on the SIM card!
Be sure to contact us if you need assistance setting up your device.

In the APPS tab on your device's website, you will find recommended applications for your device.

This is not an IMEI barcode!!. This is a QR code (or a written registration code), which you can find:

  • in a device with a display in the device itself (e.g. under the MORE icon).
  • in a device without a display, you can find the registration code on the back of the device. Alternatively, contact us if you can't find the code at all.

You may also find another QR code on the package or elsewhere in the package, but it is only a code to download the app.

Please recheck the functionality of the SIM card in your mobile phone. Try the Internet with Wi-Fi turned off (that is, data is working), make a call from the SIM card and send an SMS. And don't forget to cancel the PIN on the SIM card!
If the difficulties still persist, be sure to contact us to help you get the device up and running.

Restart the application (log out and log in again). Immediately after pairing the application with the device, it may happen that not all functions are loaded immediately. Some functions may have a delay in loading, as the application loads the functions according to the specific device with which it connects.

In any case, these are not waterproof devices with which you can swim, jump into water, etc. IP67 protects against accidental immersion in water up to a maximum depth of 1 m for 30 minutes.

In the description of the device on our e-shop, an approximate battery life time is indicated. Battery life affects how you use your device. It should be noted that even in the case of passive use of the device, the battery drains faster if the device is located in a place with a poorer mobile signal. As with mobile phones, the device is constantly searching for the perfect signal, and even in the case of a weak signal (just one or two lines less) the battery drains faster. Similarly, the device will discharge faster even if the SIM card is scratched or otherwise damaged, or if the SIM card is incorrectly inserted.

All BodyGuard 4G GPS tracker watches and wristbands should be charged with a standard 5V/1A charger, which we also provide in the package.

If you use another adapter (higher than 5V/1A), there is a risk of system sleep due to battery protection, and this system sleep may be irreversible.

Most likely your SIM card is damaged and the device is trying to connect to the SIM card. Please try another SIM card or simply replace with a new SIM card.

The battery is integrated in BodyGuard devices and cannot be replaced.

The position is determined as a guide. Location detection is always limited by the local signal and, last but not least, by the size of the receivers in the device. It should be noted that the size of the device is designed to be worn on the hand, and the majority of the device is occupied by the battery. So receivers can be weaker in some cases than in phones. This is a physical property of the device and not a device defect.

  • GPS - primarily using GPS - the most accurate, on the order of meters, in an outdoor environment.
  • Wifi - outside the range of GPS, in closed spaces (buildings, shadows of large buildings) with the help of nearby Wifi - with an error from units to hundreds of meters.
  • LBS - out of reach of GPS and Wifi, in closed spaces without Wifi signal using mobile operators' transmitters - with an error from 200m to several km. This positioning can be turned off so that it does not scare you unnecessarily in the event of a deviation of a few kilometers.

If you wear the bracelet on your hand and move with it, there is a high probability that even in buildings you will capture a more accurate location, at least via the Wifi network, if there is no GPS signal available.
If the location of the bracelet wearer seems suspicious for an extended period of time, call the bracelet and verify that everything is fine or use the listening function or remote photo as additional surveillance functions.

Please check the internet connection of the phone where your application is. If so, restart the application (best to log out and log in again). Check if the device is turned on. Try calling the device to see if the ringer is really on. If problems persist, please contact us.