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We lost our two-year-old son

Almost everyone in our family wears bracelets BodyID. Recently, our two-year-old son got lost at the station and almost left on some train who knows where. Fortunately, we give him a BodyID bracelet every time we go to a place with a higher concentration of people or in confusing terrain.

The conductor noticed that a lone child was boarding the train and stopped him. The son is taught to show "stranger adults" a hand with a BodyID bracelet when he can't see mom or dad.
So the conductor called us to see what platform he was on and if we really intended to take that particular train, and thanks to that we found our son all right.

Thank you! I don't know how we'd look for him if it weren't for the bracelet!"

Bára Šťastná

Two years ago, thanks to the BodyID bracelet, I saved a man who fell off his bike and was injured. In the ditch, cars drove by and I stopped with the little one in the car! The man was confused...scratched...he had s severe illness and I found out everything thanks to such a bracelet! I called the ambulance and his wife, who was there to be contacted! So 🙏🙏🙏 TOP for me and a great idea!

So whoever rides a bike alone should put on a BodyID bracelet just like putting on a helmet.

Regina D.

When you see a bloodied 12-year-old child lying on the sidewalk in the rain, either unconscious or screaming with snot near his nose, don't be indifferent and don't turn your head away AS IF YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!! The kid is definitely not high or drunk, but maybe he has a nasty case of epilepsy.

These children wear a so-called BodyID identification bracelet on their arm, where their health status (for the ambulance) and their mother's phone number are written in case of emergency... and in this way I thank the unknown woman who decided to help and called me that she found
my baby lying on the pavement, in the rain... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Fortunately, this time we escaped with only a serious shock and a few stitches, but people, please pay attention to what is happening around you.

Michal Hlasny - Epilepsy

"Hello, I am sending you a short story of how your bracelet saved my life:
On November 22, 2022, I went shopping at the store and went home. But I met a person I know and offered to help her with her shopping and went to the drugstore together. When we entered, everything was fine, until suddenly I lost consciousness and woke up on the ground covered in blood with many unknown people around me. They called my name and immediately the ambulance and my mom came.
They told me they knew I was epileptic from the information on the bracelet. And thanks to the mentioned SOS contact for my mother, they called her right away. It made the ambulance's job so easy because they knew the diagnosis right away.. :) And so your bracelet saved my life.

Thank you for it, it's a great thing :)"

Best regards Hlásný Michal :)

Volunteer of the Slovak Red Cross

Pavel O. - Online medical profile

Hello. On 27 December my back was stuck in such a way that I couldn't even speak because of the pain.

At that moment I was glad I had my BodyID bracelet with me, because the doctor found everything he needed thanks to my bracelet.

In fact, I have a medical profile from BodyID and in it I have stored all the medications I take and other health information. The doctor in the emergency room simply looked at my medical profile and found out what all I was allergic to.

I encourage everyone to invest in BodyID bracelets because you don't know when you will get to a point in your health where it will be hard to even talk. I recommend this bracelet to everyone I wish everyone well!

Hi Pavel

Customer with type 1 diabetes

The BodyID bracelet saved my life when I was walking home from school and suddenly felt nauseous. Before long, I was lying on the ground with my face in the pavement. Luckily, two elderly ladies saw me and called an ambulance and read from the bracelet that I had type 1 diabetes and needed sugar immediately. The ambulance arrived, revived me and I haven't let go of the bracelet since. I also want to get one for my sick mother so I don't have to worry about her when she goes for walks.

Monika Fusková - Epilepsy

"A year ago, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which unfortunately worsens with other problems. When I fell unconscious at home, my son was able to give the doctors information about the medicine thanks to your bracelet. When I know that epilepsy is coming and people around don't know that I have it, usually before I get into a state of insight, I manage to show the bracelet and the people around can react adequately."

Climber Milan P., Nitra

"After the mountain climbing descent, my health condition suddenly worsened. It was necessary to call the emergency services. Thanks to the BodyID bracelet, I was quickly identified and the doctors did not give me the medicine to which I am allergic. The medicine should have been listed on the ID bracelet. I hereby recommend the ID bracelet to everyone who I do similar sports."

Pavel Slavík

I had a planned visit to the hospital and there was an overcrowded tram going towards the hospital, where it has a stop. I was in that tram and collapsed completely and had an epileptic seizure. A lot of people were there. I don't remember anything, all I know is that they held my right hand, where I have a bracelet, and those people tried to help me. Then I only started to recover in the ambulance. In the ambulance, the paramedics told me that thanks to the bracelet on which I have an epileptic sign, people tried to help me faster and at least they knew right away what it was.

Richard Wohanka, MTBO Junior World Champion

Hello, thanks to your bracelet, the ambulance found out who I was and let my parents know. I had a very bad fall on my bike and ended up with a serious concussion, a helicopter was flown for me and I spent 4 days in the ICU and my parents only found out I had a fall because the only place I had my name and contact information written was your bracelet. And even on the screen of a locked mobile phone, but the question is whether they would notice it. I usually don't ride a bike with documents and I didn't this time either. So I am very grateful for your bracelet.

Mgr. Lenka Jaremová

Good day,
My daughter is a type I diabetic on insulin and has a hearing aid. That's why I once had her make a bracelet with you, which contained all this information, including my phone number. One day the paramedics called me at work that my daughter had collapsed in the store. I immediately went there when my daughter was already loaded into the ambulance and one of the paramedics was holding her bracelet. He said that it was a wonderful thing, that they immediately knew what to go after and that we reduced their time by at least 40 minutes to find the causes of the collapse. They also knew how to communicate with her, that she was hard of hearing. Really great stuff that can save lives. That's also why we had a second one made last year, without which my daughter wouldn't give a damn. Thank you very much, we recommend you everywhere!

Jan Smolucha, paramedic

"As a paramedic, I can only recommend the Body ID bracelet. I have it myself. Over the years of experience with emergency services, it has often been difficult to find the patient's identity, and I'm not talking about personal history or allergies".

In addition to rescue practice, Hozna Smolucha is also a first aid trainer and often provides first aid at various events, especially sports.

Pavel Šamonil

I received the BodyID bracelet from my children as a gift for my 50th birthday, because at that time I had already had two myocardial infarctions and my heart was only working at 58% at that time. My hobbies include cycling, in-line skates and especially mountains. I didn't want to give up these hobbies of mine, so just to be sure, the children bought me this bracelet for my uncle, as they say. Recently, a person asked me on FB on the BodyID page if the price of the bracelet is not high and I asked him "How much is life worth"? My subsequent answer was that the investment in the bracelet and, by extension, in the health questionnaire paid off long ago, because this year I suffered a third massive heart attack. In the given situation, I was only able to call for help using the Rescue app, and when the rescuers arrived, I was able to alert them as much as possible that I had a BodyID bracelet with an online medical profile and that thanks to it and the sending of a rescue SMS, they were able to obtain information about my health condition and all the medicines I take.
I am currently going to have a defibrillator implanted, so I requested to add this information to my BodyID bracelet, because I believe that this information can save my life again.
I warmly recommend everyone to buy this Body ID bracelet and at the same time install the Záchranka application on your mobile phone, you never know if it will save your life or that of your loved ones.

Anna M.

The BodyID bracelet saved my life when I was coming home from school and felt nauseous out of nowhere. Before long I was lying on the ground with my face in the pavement. Fortunately, two elderly ladies saw me and called an ambulance and read from my bracelet that I had type 1 diabetes and needed sugar immediately. The ambulance arrived, revived me, and since then I have not let the bracelet go. I also want to buy it for my sick mother, so that I don't have to worry about her when she goes for a walk.

Oldrich Drod

I dare to say that BODY ID helped me a lot, maybe saved my life!
While visiting Liberec, I got very sick (I'm diabetic) and collapsed! Many people bypassed me, before a BODY ID bracelet wearer also passed me (just a happy coincidence), who called an ambulance, who, according to the information on the bracelet, quickly found out that I was diabetic and immediately knew how to proceed, they took me to the Emergency Room and there they "put me into operation" ".
With this, I want to thank once again the quick doctors and hospital staff for their help.
However, the BODY ID bracelet has the greatest merit in everything, I personally choose the second one and I will also order it for my family.
No BODY ID or a bump, thanks for that one, Olda.

Jana Zarucká:

My son Alexander has epilepsy. It is partly in Germany and partly in the Czech Republic. And the BODY ID bracelet has already helped him in both countries. In Germany, he had a seizure in front of his colleagues at work. Although everyone knows that epilepsy exists, few people know what such a seizure actually looks like. So no one really thought about it. When the German ambulance arrived, the first thing they did was check the wrist and pulse. And for that, the bracelet is great, because they immediately found it on his hand and read that he was epileptic and could immediately solve the correct cause. Well, something similar happened in Prague and the rescuers proceeded similarly. So for me the bracelet is a great thing and we are ordering a new one for Christmas.

"From Mrs. Veronika":

I would like to thank you for the great bracelet :) I've been wearing it for a few years because I'm epileptic but I have seizures at home so I thought it might be useless to wear it until a year ago I had a seizure on the train, when I woke up the paramedics came and fellow passengers said what it also happened that they then noticed the bracelet and everything was clear to them, the doctors didn't even ask me much, they already knew everything (a big advantage when you don't even know where you are for the first few minutes) :) when visiting the doctor, she was immediately attracted by the Blue Star symbol and was very she liked the bracelet :) maybe I don't need it often, but I'm glad that even thanks to the symbol it will attract attention in such a situation and maybe even reassure the witnesses a little that it's not an unusual situation :) Thanks :)

We cooperate with the Czech Association of Hemophiliacs

Body ID bracelet as an identifier for people with a blood clotting disorder

The Czech Association of Hemophiliacs and Hemojunior, in cooperation with the Health and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, have prepared a set of special identifiers that can save lives for all individuals with a blood clotting disorder. One of them is the BodyID bracelet.

We have been producing BodyID bracelets for hemophiliacs since 2018.

Frantisek Sikl:

I mainly ride XC on a mountain bike, but I also like to go on a nice trail and enjoy a bit of adrenaline. Unfortunately, in September, the adrenaline was a little too much and ended up in the hospital. After falling on the Trail, I was left lying unconscious and the mountain service was called. Thanks to the bracelet, the people listed on it were contacted and in the ambulance they told me that thanks to the bracelet they knew my name and that I had no allergies (originally I wanted to write my blood type on the tag, but that is useless as the doctor told me). When I asked the ambulance if they knew the bracelet, I was told that it, together with the helmet and protectors, is at least something meaningful to have, if we are already taking risks.

So everything turned out well and thanks to the bracelet I was sure that even my loved ones knew about me. So I recommend the bracelet to everyone I know, and it is true that many people ask what I have on my hand (I have been asked abroad as well).

I'm attaching a photo where I already have the bracelet back on my hand. Thank you very much for making the new label and once again I apologize for the delay.

Jitka Harabrinová:

About a year ago, I bought a BodyID bracelet connected to an online health profile because I have multiple sclerosis. The attacks appear like a stroke, half of my body doesn't listen and I can't speak.

Shortly after I started using the bracelet, I had an attack at work. The master knew about my bracelet before the emergency services arrived, he opened my health profile and the emergency workers had the necessary information immediately available.
I was glad that I had the BodyID bracelet. The whole situation was not so stressful and I was taken to the hospital faster.

Radko Müller:

I am 65 years old and I don't take off the chain with the health information. I feel safer that way. I'm taking the recommended medication and I'm allergic to something. I was lucky with everything there, including contact with people close to me. I highly recommend.

Janáček family

I can only recommend these bracelets too, I had the addresses and contacts made for our two dogs on the collar and we really appreciated it when they ran to us. We ran, searched, called and nothing. Well, suddenly the phone and the girls were born. We were unimaginably relieved and I thanked the idea of ​​ordering collar plates. Greetings with the whole family

Martina G.

Good day,
I am sending my story ;-)
My dad is an avid cyclist and cross-country skier. He once told me that he went to Lysa mountain and was stung by a wasp,
to which he is allergic. Of course, the hospital was nowhere in sight, so he pedaled. He didn't know at the time that thanks to the adrenaline he didn't have to go to the hospital right away, after a while he was better and so he didn't deal with it.
Well, about a month later, an ad with BodyID appeared on Facebook. I sent my dad to the doctor to find out his blood type and ordered a bracelet for him for Christmas. Red, of course, to match the wheel! :-)
And I? I'm a biker and a passionate skater.....so I'm thinking about the yellow version of the bracelet ;-)
Have fun, Martina.

Ivo G.

I felt sick while getting off the tram and passed out at the public transport stop. The ambulance came for me, I was unable to communicate with them, I just pointed to the wristband which contained the access codes to my online health profile. The paramedics then used the information from the profile to treat me. The nurses from emergency department at the hospital also welcomed the fact that I was wearing the bracelet and therefore immediately knew all the necessary information about me.

Our customer from the Police of the Czech Republic

Allow me to contribute my humble story to the expansion of "BODY ID" products. I have owned the Body ID bracelet for several years. Since I am part of the IZS, my choice was clear. My experience is very fresh and alive. I had a stomach ache while on duty. I didn't attach any importance to it. But the pain was increasing. After finishing the service, I just drove to the hospital. I didn't notice much here when registering and entering input data. I was only able to show my wrist. They clearly wrote down everything from my ID bracelet. The doctor's verdict was, "acute appendicitis" and the operation took place "in 5 12". I would like to thank the person who helped with their product in this way. THANK YOU!! Police officer of the Czech Republic.

Helga Takačová

Hello, the bracelet definitely saved my life. I suffer from severe asthma and am allergic to medication. I had a seizure at home. Well, my young daughter was with me, who called the ambulance and read everything nicely from the bracelet and dictated it to the paramedics. A huge thank you to whoever invented the bracelet. I don't even go anywhere without it. I wish you a nice day. Sincerely, Helga Takačová

Ales Vondra

"I felt nauseous, passed out and fell half a flight of stairs. I suffered a fractured base of my skull, a fractured eye socket and cheekbone, I was unconscious for several minutes. So I couldn't communicate with the paramedics who were called and they noticed my bracelet and they chose a procedure proportionate to my health condition (blood thinning). Today I am quite well, also thanks to the help of paramedics and doctors. But I have to thank you, the bracelet probably saved my life. I have to say that the bracelet completely fulfilled its purpose and after this experience will make me recommend him all the more."

Venca Křiklan:

The bracelet worked well for me, I have Crohn's disease and many times I'm in pain that I can't even speak and when I got sick, emergency help came, they looked at the bracelet and they immediately knew what was wrong with me and what I was taking for medicine and that I'm not allergic to anything and I'm still wearing the bracelet he was praised in the hospital.

Petra Nemochovská:

It helped my sister-in-law when she had hypoglycemic shock, she is a diabetic. I recommend it for people who suffer from something and can get into health problems at any time :-)

Jiří Chocerad:

I have a son, allergic to wasps, bees.
Once, when he was riding his bicycle, he was stung by a wasp in the neck. After the injection, he has an anaphylactic shock, a man walking by noticed that his son was sick. He saw the bracelet, called the ambulance and me, told the paramedics that he read on the bracelet that the son was allergic, everything turned out well thanks to the BODY ID bracelet and the gentleman who acted like a hero. I'm happy that something so small works.

Anna Pálivá:

I'm epileptic, I work as a saleswoman in a flower shop, so I'm alone there. It happened to me several times that I had a seizure at work, I was lying on the floor under the counter. The customers who came in read that I have epilepsy and gave me first aid. They say that's why they looked in my mouth to see if I was choking on my tongue and called an ambulance. It's a wonderful thing and I highly recommend it...

Jitka Schwarzová:

My son and daughter both have the bracelet and I am fully satisfied, I can only recommend it. It even happened to us that the doctor noticed the daughter's bracelet where autism was written and the daughter does not speak, and the doctor was very attentive and considerate of the daughter. As a mother, I am very tired of constantly repeating what my daughter needs, that she needs a different approach and thanks to the bracelet it works.

Lucie Pokorná:

My little daughter got lost in the crowd when my husband and I were choosing furniture for the apartment. She had a BODY ID bracelet on her hand, she showed it to the saleswoman and she called me that her daughter was in the toy store. It was a big shock, but also a surprise, how people react to the bracelet, for me it is clearly the first place in immediately helping my family.