❤️ BodyID can also save life ❤️ Best quality ID, very durable 💪


We have been here for you since 2012.

We produce identification and SOS bracelets. Our products have literally helped save some lives

Safer with BodyID!


Tomáš is the founder of the company and came to the market with BodyID bracelets in 2012. He has the most experience and knowledge in the field of identification bracelets. As he is a passionate athlete, a lover of adrenaline sports, but also a DAD, he knows very well that something can happen at any time...hence the idea of ​​BodyID.


Eliška was joined on the way by Tomáš, who takes care of communication with customers, handles orders and complaints and answers your questions. The most important thing for us is communication and the satisfaction of our customers. We are happy for all comments, suggestions and ideas, even from you customers :-)


Jakub takes care of our social networks and helps us with content creation. He is a big traveler and plans to travel around Europe in a camper van in the near future. If you like the posts on our social networks, Jakub has a lot to do with it.

Tomáš a Hanka

Our team also inherently includes Tomáš and Hanka - our knitters who perform precise manual work when they knit Survival bracelets from parachute cord for our customers.


The BodyID team grew with another skilled reinforcement, and Míša threw herself into the process fully. She was mainly responsible for lasering your steel labels with text, completing orders, and you can also meet her at the chat, where she handles communication with customers in a very nice way.