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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ID bracelets with text, and of course we are happy to answer any others. By email, phone, chat, Whatsapp, Messenger :) As you wish. The BodyID team is here for you.

Questions about ID bracelets

You don't have to :) You can also buy without registration.

Personalized products (ID TAG with your own text or image) will be produced and shipped within 7 working days at the latest. But it is often even earlier :) Survival bracelets, which we knit by hand, can be extended up to 10 working days.
We offer the option of express shipping of personalized products for an additional charge of 11.9 (not applicable on Survival bracelets). It means that it will be made and shipped within 3 working days from the receipt of the shipment. We guarantee only shipping date, not delivery.

In the section ID NÁRAMKY select the type of BodyID bracelet. After choosing the bracelet of your choice, an intuitive configurator of your future bracelet awaits you, in which you choose the color, size (if required for a specific type) and one of the following versions:

You can also add accessories (spare straps, characters) to the BodyID bracelet. If you are unable to place an order, write to us or call us and we will be happy to create the order for you :).

In the section ID BRACELETS choose the type of BodyID bracelet and version WITH ONLINE MEDICAL PROFILE (you can find it in one of the steps of the bracelet configurator). All information about the online health profile can be found here: MEDICAL PROFILE

Yes, of course :) We will be happy to attend to you. Contact us on +420 774 928 283 or by email info@bodyid.com.

When assembling your bracelet, there is a link to the table when choosing sizes, according to which you can determine the appropriate size. Some bracelets are individually adjustable and you don't choose the size. For such bracelets, you will receive instructions in the shipment according to which you can set the size (e.g. ID Elegant, ID Elegant Light, ID Light Black and ID Elegant Black).

The tags on all our bracelets are made of high quality stainless steel.

The bands of most bracelets are made of 100% silicone. The composition is latex-free. Of course, the bracelets are also intended for swimming. There is no problem with movement in salt water.

Survival bracelets are made of high-quality parachute cord, which has a load capacity of up to 250 kg.

The ID Sporty bracelet is made of solid material, the fastening is with a Velcro fastener. Features reflective elements as well as ankle ID (neoprene) and boot ID (solid material).

The text is marked with a fiber laser.

The surface of blackened steel is much more durable than that of silver steel.

We definitely recommend ordering a bracelet with a blackened ID tag, which will really last you for years.

Your text can take up all the lines of the ID label area, or just part of it - the text will always be lasered to the center of the label by default, i.e. vertically and horizontally aligned. Of course, other formatting and adding images is possible after agreement - don't hesitate to contact us with a question and together we will make a truly original bracelet :) The request can also be entered in the notes when creating the order, or you can send it to info@bodyid.com.

Yes. As this is an individual request, please write us the information in the Order Notes or at info@bodyid.com. We will be happy to discuss everything with you.

The text is lasered as specified in your order. After the order, we are sending customers an order summary in which all data can be checked and, if necessary, you can ask us for a repair.

This repair is free if you notify us of the change within 24 hours of placing the order. If a longer period of time has passed since the order was placed, an additional charge of 4 will be charged, as the label is already on its way to production.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to add new data to the old label. It is necessary to order a new label in Accessories.

Suitable solutions for allergy sufferers are ID Sporty, Survival ID, Ankle ID and Shoe ID bracelets, where no part of the tag directly touches the skin.

Please contact us and we will solve everything together.

Yes, it is possible and we definitely recommend it if you want to leave the assembly of the bracelet to the recipient. That way, the recipient will have the opportunity to assemble a bracelet exactly according to their wishes. You can donate a gift card in a different price range, which you can currently find on the Gift card e-shop, it functions as a discount coupon. Unused amount is non-refundable.

Yes that's not a problem. The entire bracelet is like a "puzzle" and everything can be replaced.

So you can wear different colors of bands or change the label as needed. If you are interested in new parts, take a look at the OTHER PRODUCTS section, where you will find all the accessories.

You can find everything on the page OWN PICTURE and if you want, we will be very happy to help you choose an image, or we have a lot of them in our internal database over the years of production and we can do it really well :) See for yourself: OWN PICTURE